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Girl At The Game

Sep 23, 2020

After a mini-hiatus, the girls are BACK! Gab and Al discuss Celtics vs. Heat in the ECF so far, Kemba Walker's leadership, the locker room brawl, Gordon Hayward staying in the Bubble, and "fans" harassing his wife about her pregnancy. They then dive into some tough and frustrating topics, including Skip Bayless' comments about Dak Prescott's mental health revelations, Jason Whitlock's sexist comments about Maria Taylor and Katie Nolan, and why all of these issues point to toxic masculinity being on the rise in sports media.

Also in this episode: recapping Cam Newton's first 2 games as Patriots QB, Bill Belichick's ripped sweatshirt, the weirdness of the 2020 Red Sox, and a little insider gossip from an MLB player's wife about how Rob Manfred is handling baseball this season.